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What you’ll learn

  • Make Swiss Meringue Buttercream from scratch.
  • Create custom cake boards to match any cake.
  • Level, torte, fill, crumb coat, and smooth finish buttercream cakes.
  • Work with gel colors and color dusts.
  • Prepare piping bags.
  • Pipe rosettes and ruffles.
  • Create cake designs with a metal cake spatula.
  • Painting on buttercream.
  • Applying watercolor and ombre color techniques.
  • Build a stable two-tiered cake great for any occasion!


  • No prior cake decorating experience required.
  • Basic cake decorating supplies and equipment will be needed. A list of resources is included in the course.
  • Plain baked cakes of student’s choice in size and flavor. You can take my other course if you are new to baking as well!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are comfortable baking cakes as this course only covers decorating.
  • Complete beginners who are looking into hobby decorating or want to start a career.
  • Cake decorating career seekers who need to build up their buttercream skills.
  • Bakery business owners looking to expand menus or help train staff.

Course Curriculum

Introduction- Get Started!
Welcome! 00:02:00
Swiss Meringue Buttercream Method 00:08:00
Custom Cake Boards 00:18:00
Frosting a Cake Smooth
Trimming Cakes 00:08:00
Layering Cakes 00:04:00
Crumb Coat 00:05:00
Applying the Second Coat 00:08:00
Frosting the Cake Smooth 00:10:00
Spatula Techniques
Technique 1-Zigzags 00:06:00
Technique 2- Straight Lines 00:06:00
Technique 3- Pinwheel 00:04:00
Technique 4- Circles 00:04:00
Getting Started with Color 00:06:00
Watercolor Technique-Preparation 00:06:00
Watercolor Technique- Method 00:08:00
Transfer the Watercolor Cake 00:04:00
Ombre Technique-Preparation 00:03:00
Ombre Technique-Method 00:09:00
Transfer the Ombre Cake 00:04:00
Piping Bags 00:04:00
Filling a Piping Bag 00:03:00
Rosettes-Practice 00:05:00
Rosettes-Piping on a Cake 00:06:00
Ruffles-Practice 00:05:00
Ruffles-Transfer a Design 00:06:00
Ruffles- Transfer the Cake 00:01:00
Ruffles- Piping on a Cake 00:06:00
Floral Ruffles- Practice 00:03:00
Floral Ruffles- Planning 00:04:00
Floral Ruffles- Piping the Sides 00:04:00
Floral Ruffles- Piping the Top 00:05:00
Prepare your Paints 00:05:00
Painting a Cake 00:06:00
Painting with Luster 00:03:00
Fundamentals and Equipment 00:03:00
Green Ruffle Cake Stacking 00:02:00
Green Ruffles-Finishing Touches 00:03:00
Orange Floral Ruffle Cake Stacking 00:07:00
Floral Ruffles-Finishing Touches 00:02:00
Thank You! 00:01:00
Resources 00:01:00


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