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Boomers Want To Stay Healthy

For a lot of us Baby Boomers, the last 10 years has been fraught with caring for or watching our ageing loved ones deal with such events as Alzheimer, Osteoporosis, heart conditions and Cancer.

Seeing these diseases so up close and personal has made us all the more set not to go there ourselves and we’re steering ourselves onto a much different course than that of our parents.

The Need To Change Things

The latest Boomer Statistics on Boomer trends state that Boomers number one concern in remaining healthy, and lively. In this book, we will go over a few tips on beginning this fresh decade with a renewed mentality for better health and vitality.

Cancer is so much in the news these days. A lot of my acquaintances have just received their first colonoscopy. In this decade,  there’ve been a few changes on the recommendations for this test, just as there’ve been recent changes in testing for Breast and Cervical Cancer. Advancements have been made in detecting Prostate Cancer sooner and more individuals are getting these tests than ever before.

My recommendations here are to remain on top of the cutting-edge testing available and have a candid discussion with your physician about your own family history, any shifts in your body or diet.

In addition to that, it’s crucial to keep an on-going dialogue with your doctor about any concerns that you might have. The first step in prevention is becoming aware of your own body and any shifts you feel. Early diagnosis of any sort of cancer increases your chances for outsmarting it.

I recognize that my parents and a lot of their friends would never  have talked about family history with their physician nor did they truly understand their own body in the same way that I do. The Baby Boomer Generation is learning to take control of our own health care and not rely on somebody else who truly doesn’t know us. That’s a great thing!

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