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Counselling Specialisation

(5 customer reviews)

£946.00 £19.99

The need for skilled counsellors has never been higher. The number of people who are depressed or having emotional problems is rising at an alarming rate. We have made this bundle to give you all the information you need to become professional counsellor & help the people in need.

5 reviews for Counselling Specialisation

  1. Evan Atkins

    It’s a complete professional course, a bundle of 3 professional diploma courses together. Great offer!

  2. Joseph Sharpe

    I enjoyed all the modules. Easy to follow and nice explanations. Gonna try some more courses from you.

  3. Owen Browne

    Best deal ever!

  4. Freya Rees

    Good course indeed. I did two courses with them before and those were satisfactory too.

  5. Sebastian Chan

    Highly recommended for those who want to take counselling as a career as well as the professional counsellors. Professionals working in the field can take it for a refresh and updated information because I found it very effective.

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