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From which colors and paint to which paper,I will start at the very beginning,I will assume that you know absolutely nothing about watercolor painting.At the end of this course you will be confident enough to create a beautiful watercolor sky landscape,frame it and hang it on your wall or give it as a totally unique gift to friends or family.

You will also be skilled enough to tackle my other courses

Using real time videos you will be taken,step by step through the basics of watercolor painting.

Right at the start of the course I will go through your tools and then we will get straight into mixing color on the page,this lesson will explain which colors make which,we only use 4 colors in this course so we wont get confused,you will be amazed at how many colors can be made from just 4. In fact,throughout all my courses I only ever use a maximum 8 colors!

There is a short section on your pencil,rubber and masking fluid,these are dealt with more in later courses.

There is much use of my Hake brush through this course and I cant express to you how good this brush is,they are really inexpensive and I have had mine for about 15 years,it is still going strong. It does take practice but remember you can always go back and start again at the beginning of course,believe me it is worth the effort. Also remember there is a half hour video dedicated solely to the hake,if you like you can watch this video on preview, if that video does not convince you nothing will.

The second painting we do in this course is simply a wash excercise which we turn into a landscape,again we practice washes with the HAKE and also discover that the hake can draw trees and leaves.

In our final painting we depict a scene from just up the road where I live in North Wales,the mountains in the distance,the sky,the midground and the foreground. Dont worry if as a beginner this all sounds too much,I take you right through every stage,the results some of my students get are absolutely superb and so will you.

What you’ll learn

  • Produce your own watercolor painting of a beautiful sky landscape,using methods I have developed over 30 years of painting.
  • Confidently lay down clear water washes and color washes and let them dry properly
  • You will be able to mix colors on your paper and mix colors on your pallet
  • You will understand composition,that is the way a picture is constructed so it looks right,there are simple secrets which all artists use to make us like their work such as the golden section
  • There is a half hour video devoted to the HAKE brush,this shows you by painting a full picture using only the HAKE everything you need to know about it,you will come to love your HAKE,see the free preview video.
  • Feel confident enough to tackle my other,more advanced courses,
  • There is very little drawing involved here,the little bit that there is will introduce you to your pencil and putty rubber.
  • We will also approach art masking fluid,this is dealt with more in other courses,but you will make a start on this fantastic part of watercolour.


  • Absolutely no experience required,the first free video preview will explain which materials will be required
  • I use a 1 inch HAKE brush in most of my tutorials, these can be bought for about $5.00 US and are available worldwide
  • I use student colors in five or eight ml tubes, student colors are more than half the price of Artists colors and look just as nice
  • In this tutorial we use only 4 colors,these are lemon yellow, ultramarine (blue),alizarin crimson (red) and paynes grey.
  • I use just two other brushes,a number 1 rigger brush and a number 6 round brush,something similar is fine.
  • I use A three watercolor card,mine is called Bockingford but the important thing is the weight of the card,you should get one hundred and forty pound or 300 gsm,this figure is always on the front of the pad or in the description on line.
  • misc, other things,a roll of one inch masking tape,a board to stick your paper to and a soft pencil and putty rubber,all the equipment needed is available to buy online or from your local art supply shop.

Course Curriculum

Introduction, Materials needed to paint a beautiful sky in watercolours
Introduction to this course 00:06:00
Get support 00:05:00
Tools needed for my courses 00:01:00
Tools discussed 00:12:00
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 1 00:13:00
Summary of the first video lesson 00:05:00
Understanding The Golden section and aerial perspective, Washes and Hake brush
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 2 00:16:00
Summary of the second section 00:05:00
Painting Full washes, turn your practice into a painting
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 3 00:20:00
Pencils, sketching, putty rubber, masking tape and masking fluid the basics
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 4 00:07:00
Painting your own watercolour sky and landscape
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 5 00:10:00
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 5a 00:11:00
Watercolor foundation course Lesson 5b 00:13:00
Course Summary 00:05:00
My 7 color palette Sorted
Part 1 00:08:00
Part 2 00:20:00
Part 3 00:10:00
Part 4 00:07:00
Part 5 00:06:00
Part 6 00:04:00
In depth equipment and material lectures
The Hake Brush Sorted 00:27:00
bonus lecture 00:02:00


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