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User experience design or UX is the method of increasing the user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. The UX Design for Beginners course is designed to teach you the latest techniques of UX design.

Throughout the course, you will learn the principles and behaviour of the human being while hey using a website, mobile app or others. This understanding will help you to design and develop a better digital product that will satisfy your customers.

The course shows you the practical examples and screenshots of UX problems that are faced by many designers, developers, and product managers while making their product. In this way, you will learn how to solve UX problems in Mobile and Web Apps.

In short, the course covers the common UX mistakes, implementing UX and Usability Principles for improving your digital product, the role of UX developers, and more.

By finishing the course, you will be able to make any Website’s or Apps Usability better.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop Skills needed to be a great UX Designer
  • Start your career in UX
  • Upgrade your current job position with UX Concepts
  • Apply Mental Models and Mapping to your products
  • Know Affordances and Signifiers and how to apply them to any product
  • How we Perceive things and how our Memory works
  • CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENTS: Find and Solve UX problems in Mobile and Web Apps
  • Make any Website’s or Apps Usability better
  • Learn about all common UX mistakes designers and developers make
  • Apply the knowledge of UX to user interfaces or Apps you are coding
  • Improve any Product’s User Experience
  • What role Developers play in UX?
  • Apply UX and Usability Principles to Improve UX of any Digital Product


  • Just a curious mind
  • Pencil and a notepad
  • No need of Experience at all

Course Curriculum

Introduction to User Expericne, UX Roles and how to be a UX Designer
What Is UI FREE 00:05:00
Can I be a Ux Designer-updated 00:03:00
Different Role of Ux Designer 00:06:00
Major Parts of Ux Design 00:05:00
Human Centered Design, Double Diamond Model of Design and Root Cause analysis
Human Centered Design 00:03:00
DoudIbe Diamond 00:05:00
Root Cause Analysis 00:02:00
Seven Stages of Actions FREE 00:05:00
Five second test firstusability test FREE 00:02:00
06. Assignment 00:03:00
What is Agile UX FREE 00:06:00
Principles & Concepts of User Experience, Usability and Interaction Design
Affordance And Signfiers 00:06:00
Affordance And Signifiers-examples-fix-video 00:06:00
Afforadances explained headshot 00:05:00
Natural Mapping with examples FREE 00:09:00
Mentalmodels conceptual models 00:06:00
Working Memory 00:05:00
Working Memory Example 00:07:00
06. Recognition And Recall 00:04:00
Recognition examples 00:07:00
User Expectations 00:04:00
User Expectations examples FREE 00:08:00
User expectation headshot FREE 00:02:00
Peripheral Vision 00:05:00
Peripheral Vision examples 00:07:00
Context of Use 00:05:00
Context of use headshot FREE 00:02:00
Why-stakeholders are important 00:04:00
Information Architecture 00:05:00
Information Architecture Examples 00:11:00
Human Behavior Patterns, Decision making, scanning patterns and Change Blindness
Humans Lazy Behavior decision Paralsis And Scanning FREE 00:05:00
Human Decisions-Old And New Brain 00:03:00
Humans Hate Change FREE 00:03:00
Our Goals And Change Blindness 00:03:00
Human behavior decision Paralysis hate change Examples FREE 00:08:00
F-z Patterns Cart Abondomnment, Form Field Conversions 00:07:00
Designing for Humans → How to design better products for humans
Discoverability 00:06:00
Discover assignment 00:01:00
Learability 00:04:00
Feedback-4.MP4 00:03:00
Feedback Within Context Walmart FREE 00:03:00
Feedback examples 00:08:00
Constraints With Examples 00:06:00
Consistancy With Examples.mp4 00:06:00
Slips And Mistakes With Examples 00:04:00
Designing For Errors With Examples 00:04:00
User In Control with Examples 00:05:00
Grouping And chunking with Examples FREE 00:04:00
Humans Have Limits 00:07:00
How Developers can improve User Experience?
Using desgin patters dont reinvent the wheel 00:05:00
Dont let users think do heavy calculation yourself FREE 00:08:00
Speed and Delays 00:06:00
Smart Defaults FREE 00:06:00
Guiding And Training Users 00:04:00
Barriers To Entry 00:05:00
Natural Language with Examples 00:08:00
Natural Language Forms 00:03:00
Google Analytics 00:05:00
Notification 00:07:00
Anticipatory Desgin 00:04:00


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