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What you’ll learn

  • Become creative with interesting flavor and texture combinations.
  • Practice basic kitchen techniques such as separating eggs, weighing with a digital scale, and proper knife handling.
  • Make a wide variety of fillings for cakes.
  • Prepare fruit puree without any special or expensive equipment.
  • Understand the basics of chocolate and how that plays in to making fillings.
  • Properly handle and store different types of cake fillings.
  • Gain access to downloadable guides and recipes.
  • Understand different types of thickeners and the role they play in making fillings.
  • Fill cakes three different ways for maximum appeal.


  • This course is great for beginners. No prior knowledge of making fillings for cake required.
  • An electric mixer, stand or hand, will be useful for completing all of the techniques in this course.
  • A candy thermometer and digital kitchen scale are necessary along with some other basic kitchen tools.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make a wide variety of fillings.
  • Complete beginners who have never made cake fillings from scratch.
  • Business owners looking to add a wider variety to their menu.
  • Home bakers searching for a large resource of techniques and recipes to add to their repertoire.
  • Anyone looking for tested and reliable recipes that are very versatile.

Course Curriculum

Welcome! 00:02:00
A Lesson in Chocolate 00:07:00
Getting Prepared
Introduction to Equipment 00:03:00
Equipment Checklist 00:01:00
A Variety of Flavor 00:06:00
Mise en Place 00:02:00
Welcome to Thickeners 00:01:00
Gelatin 00:04:00
A Guide to Using Gelatin 00:01:00
Eggs as Thickeners 00:02:00
A Guide to Eggs in Cake Fillings 00:01:00
Starch Thickeners 00:02:00
A Guide to Starch Thickeners 00:01:00
Fruit Fillings
Get Started with Fruit Fillings 00:03:00
Apple Compote Method 00:09:00
Compote Guide 00:01:00
Blackberry ClearJel Method 00:04:00
Instant ClearJel Guide 00:01:00
Curd Overview 00:03:00
Lemon Rosemary Curd Method 00:11:00
Curd Guide 00:01:00
Pastry Cream
Pastry Cream Introduction 00:03:00
Basic Pastry Cream Method 00:10:00
Chocolate Pastry Cream Method 00:02:00
Mousseline Cream Method 00:03:00
Diplomat Cream Method 00:04:00
Pastry Cream Guide 00:01:00
Cremeux Overview 00:02:00
Dark Chocolate Cremeux Method 00:06:00
How to Make Fruit Puree 00:06:00
Strawberry Basil Cremeux Method 00:05:00
Cremeux Guide 00:01:00
An Introduction to Mousse 00:03:00
Peanut Butter Mousse Method 00:13:00
Mousse Guide 00:01:00
Welcome to Caramel 00:03:00
Caramel Method 00:09:00
Caramel Recipe 00:01:00
Crunchy Fillings
Crunchy Fillings Introduction 00:03:00
Praline Pecan Method 00:04:00
Chocolate Streusel Method 00:09:00
Crunchy Fillings Recipes 00:01:00
Extra Fillings
Even More Fillings 00:01:00
German Chocolate Filling Method 00:06:00
Vegan Chocolate Ganache Method 00:04:00
Sugar Free Whipped Filling Method 00:02:00
Extra Filling Recipes 00:01:00
How to Fill a Cake
Option 1 00:13:00
Option 2 00:10:00
Option 3 00:03:00
Thank You! 00:02:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – The Complete Guide to Cake Fillings 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – The Complete Guide to Cake Fillings 00:20:00


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