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Reiki Energy is your inner light and the purest expression of your essence and self. This meditative technique of healing has taken the world by storm. Whether you are a newcomer to the field of energy medicine, an experienced practitioner or an animal lover committed to learning everything you can about your companion’s as well as your health, our Reiki Energy To Heal Yourself & Your Animal course will open your eyes to a new level of healing and well-being.

This course will take you through the basic information of Reiki Energy and how it works with human and animals. You will also be provided with the knowledge you need to begin performing Reiki self-treatments and Reiki meditation methods to create an energetic balance of health & well-being for you and your animal.

Get enroled in this amazing course and have the confidence of performing Reiki in preparation, self-care and improving the well-being of the animals around you.

What you’ll learn

  • You will understand the basic information of what Reiki Energy is and how it works with all types of animals.
  • You will have the knowledge you need to begin performing reiki self-treatments and reiki meditation methods to create an energetic balance of health & well being for everyday living for you and your animal.
  • You will have the ability to quiet the mind through your guided meditation which creates the healing space for yourself and your animal.
  • You will understand how the 5 Reiki Precepts are the guidelines and foundation of living every day in balance and harmony in all that you do.
  • You will be able to utilize the Traditional Reiki Meditation methods to become grounded and focused particularly in stressful situations/challenges.
  • You will Learn to present with the Reiki energy and with your animal while dissolving negative emotions that do not serve you in the best interest.
  • You will deepen your connection to your intuition and life purpose through your DAILY Reiki practice with your animal bringing that instinctual balance into your everyday life.


  • Students will need to be able to DOWNLOAD PDF’s for handout for the course.
  • Students will be working with an animal during the course.
  • Students will be required to complete all 3 Animal Reiki activities to help solidify what you are learning and practicing.
  • With an open heart of love and compassion for being supportative for the animal(s) in your life you are creating a beautiful foundation for this course!
  • You will have 3 Animal Reiki Assignments to complete to further your experience and understanding. These must be completed in order to receive Serenity Reiki’s Certification of Completion.

Course Curriculum

Introduction - What is Healing Energy
Introduction 00:02:00
Healing Energy Is 00:03:00
What is Reiki 00:04:00
What Reiki is NOT 00:01:00
How Does Reiki Work 00:01:00
How do we heal 00:03:00
Why Reiki Energy Works with Animals 00:04:00
How Reiki can help you and your animals 00:02:00
9. A Reiki Treatment is different for animals 00:01:00
An Energetic Shift 00:02:00
Section 2 "The Spritual Medicine for All Illness" Mikao Usui
The 5 Elements of Reiki 00:03:00
The Precepts-The Foundation of the Reiki System 00:08:00
Section 3 Let's Meditate!
Techniques and Meditations 00:06:00
Gassho Meditation 00:04:00
Joshin Kokyu Ho Meditation 00:14:00
Hara Breathing Meditation 00:11:00
Self-Treatment 00:05:00
Changes That May Occur When You Work on the Self 00:03:00
Hand positions for Animals 00:03:00
Palliative Care for Animals 00:02:00
Journaling 00:02:00


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