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This Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass is loaded up with tips and directions to fuel up your photography aptitudes and to become an expert photographer who can take great pictures with any camera. Figure out how to communicate through stills by honing your inner creativity and photographer eyes in the most artistic way. This course requires no related knowledge or learning in photography to join up with. You should simply to adhere to the guidance religiously and you will be prepared to become a master photographer in no time.

What you’ll learn

  • Access Your Built-In Ability To See Creatively
  • Create Simple Yet Powerful Compositions
  • Master The Visual Language Of Photography
  • Master The Creative Photography Process
  • Master The Art Of Portrait Photography
  • Take A Picture That Impresses With Any Camera
  • Understand How Light Works And Its Importance In Photography
  • Take Great Color Images
  • Take Great Black And White Images
  • Take Images Using Some Very Advanced Photography Composition Techniques
  • Take Powerful Portraits Using Just Natural Light
  • Understand How To Set Up A Home Based Portrait Studio On A Budget
  • Master The Classic Studio Lighting Techniques Used In Studio Photography
  • Take Beautiful Portraits Using Flashes And Strobes In A Modern Studio Setting


  • You Will Need To Have A Passion For Photography
  • You, Will, Need Access To A Camera – A Smartphone Is Sufficient To Get You Started

Course Curriculum

A Brief History of Photography
Is It Art 00:08:00
A Brief History Of Photography 00:06:00
The Great Debate 00:09:00
Activities 00:02:00
The Art Of Seeing
Introduction 00:01:00
The Ordered Universe 00:08:00
Beauty Detector 00:04:00
Let There Be Light 00:07:00
The Photographer’s Playground 00:11:00
Activities 00:01:00
Seeing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Seeing The Light 00:05:00
Hard Light 00:09:00
Soft Light 00:09:00
Colour Temperature 00:03:00
Activities 00:01:00
Controlling The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Working The Scene 00:02:00
Moving Your Feet 00:08:00
Moving Your Subject 00:07:00
Move Your Light 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
Capturing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Your Camera 00:18:00
The Three Levers 00:11:00
ISO 00:05:00
The Shutter 00:07:00
The Aperture 00:13:00
Activities 00:01:00
Processing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
The Digital Darkroom 00:10:00
Lightroom Edit 00:10:00
Snapseed Edit 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
The Core Principles Of Composition
Introduction 00:01:00
The Language Of Composition 00:02:00
The Subject 00:08:00
The Environment 00:06:00
Leading The Eye 00:04:00
Evoking Emotion 00:05:00
Symmetry 00:06:00
Activities 00:01:00
The Basic Rules Of Composition
Introduction 00:01:00
The Rule Of Thirds 00:09:00
Leading Lines 00:07:00
The Highest Point Of Contrast 00:13:00
Activities 00:01:00
Color Photography
Introduction 00:01:00
Adventures In Color 00:06:00
Hue, Saturation, Luminosity 00:03:00
The Color Wheel 00:12:00
Working With Color 00:10:00
Simple Color Edit 00:09:00
Activities 00:01:00
Black And White Photography
Introduction 00:01:00
Why Black And White 00:04:00
King Luminosity 00:04:00
A Zone System 00:05:00
Seeing In Black And White 00:06:00
A Simple Black And White Edit 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
Controlling The Frame
Introduction 00:01:00
In The Frame 00:14:00
Isolating The Subject 00:08:00
Negative Space 00:05:00
Framing Your Subject 00:07:00
Abstract And Geometric Composition
Introduction 00:01:00
Abstract Images 00:06:00
Seeing Like An Architect 00:06:00
Strong Visual Elements 00:09:00
Activities 00:01:00
Creative Portraiture
Introduction 00:01:00
The In Between Moments 00:05:00
The Eyes 00:08:00
Body Language And Gesture 00:12:00
Activities 00:01:00
Finding Yourself As A Photographer
Introduction To Finding Yourself As A Photographer 00:01:00
Creating An Image 00:07:00
Creating A Style 00:08:00
Creating A Series 00:02:00
Creating A Body Of Work 00:03:00
Sharing Your Work 00:06:00
Natural Light Portrait Photography
Introduction To Natural Light Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Finding Your Light 00:03:00
Hard Light And Soft Light – A Recap Of The Basics 00:05:00
Outside Soft Light 00:09:00
Inside Soft Light 00:08:00
Outside Hard Light 00:14:00
Inside Hard Light 00:08:00
Finding Your Background – Simple Backgrounds 00:04:00
Finding Your Background – Complex Backgrounds 00:06:00
Posing Your Subject – A Refresher 00:04:00
Projects For Natural Light Photography 00:01:00
Building A Home Based Portrait Studio On A Budget
Introduction To Home Based Photography Studio 00:01:00
Finding Your Studio Location 00:06:00
Camera Choices 00:05:00
Lens Choices 00:02:00
Equipment List 00:09:00
Additional Studio Equipment 00:05:00
Basic Studio Lighting Set Up 00:06:00
Finding Clients For Your Business 00:06:00
Recording Your Floor Plans 00:01:00
Dealing With The Public 00:03:00
Activities For Home Based Photography Studio 00:01:00
Classic Studio Portrait Photography
Introduction To Classic Studio Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Open Loop Lighting 00:05:00
Closed Loop Lighting 00:05:00
Butterfly Lighting 00:06:00
Split Lighting 00:06:00
Short Lighting 00:04:00
Broad Lighting 00:03:00
Rembrandt Lighting 00:07:00
Studio Backdrops 00:03:00
Preparing The Subject 00:06:00
Choosing The Facial Angle 00:07:00
Posing The Body 00:05:00
Body Poses And Posture 00:03:00
Body Poses – The Light Pose For Males 00:04:00
Body Poses – The Shadow Pose For Females 00:04:00
Group Shots – Basic Core Principles 00:03:00
Couples Shots – Basic Core Principles 00:10:00
Black And White Portrait Tips – A Refresher 00:01:00
Lens Choices In The Studio 00:01:00
Classic Studio Course Activities 00:01:00
Modern Studio Portrait Photography
Introduction to Modern Studio Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Studio Lighting Buying Tips 00:03:00
Strobe Modifers Explained 00:05:00
Standard One Light Techniques 00:09:00
Non Standard One Light Techniques 00:08:00
Two Light Techniques 00:07:00
Three Light Techniques 00:08:00
Four Light Techniques 00:08:00
Hollywood Lighting- Advanced Lighting 00:08:00
Modern Studio Photography Activities 00:01:00


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