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This course is for BEGINNERS who have no idea of how to put an online multi-business together or those who have tried and stumbled.

The Online Multi-Business Master Plan demonstrates how to effectively combine diverse business opportunities into a cohesive, successful “Multi-Business”. The course provides everything someone needs to discover and engage customers, manage combined income streams, and institute processes and applications that will enable him or her to run a multi-business without dropping balls and being overwhelmed by stress.

Here’s some of the latest student reviews:

“Brilliant course. Excellent ideas presented thoughtfully and thoroughly from someone who obviously knows their stuff. Highly recommended.”

“Motivating and informative! I loved the method, it opened new doors for me as a content creator, thanks a lot!”

“This course provides a practical overview of the essentials of running an online business. It also points out several things to consider, that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a beginner. The lectures have a nice flow to them and the instructor is easy to understand and listen to.

It is possible to be your own boss and operate multiple business opportunities at once.

In this course you will learn everything you need to start generating multiple streams of income, such as:

  • Simple ways to find and test out profitable niches.
  • How to set simple and effective goals – and how to stick to them!
  • How focus to one income stream at a time, and start earning as quickly as possible.
  • Then learn how to produce multiple products, selling on multiple platforms – with the least work in the quickest time.
  • How to monitor changes and results to get the best performance from your products – and make more money.
  • What to do when it all goes wrong – and how to benefit from your ‘failures’.
  • How to use simple systems to help build and keep track of your products – saving you valuable time.
  • When you should automate and outsource – to speed up the production process.
  • How to re-purpose your products quickly and effectively – and so increase your revenue whilst minimizing your work.
  • How to tie all your new income steams together into one manageable multi-business.
  • How to build and promote your multi-business using free and low costs tools – saving you a fortune and allowing you to earn quickly and efficiently.

This course delivers information that is vital for the preparation and execution of a successful multi-business plan. After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Build your own Online Multi-Business.
  • Understand the structure needed to earn from multiple income streams at the same time.
  • Use the Online Multi-Business Master Plan over and over to expand your income streams.

This course is the sum of my personal experience as a successful teacher, author and creative entrepreneur rolled into one simple and practical guide. I developed this course to impart what knowledge I have in regards to managing several successful businesses out of my home. My approach has worked for myself and others. I believe it can work for you.

You will have immediate lifetime access to the all the course materials, plus any bonus material and future updates.

What you’ll learn

  • Start immediately building your own Online Multi-Business.
  • Understand the structure needed to earn from multiple income streams at the same time


  • Basic IT skills (eg. can pick up email, search Google etc.)
  • A computer
  • All students must be willing to put the strategies within the course into practice

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to build an online income
  • It is especially useful for anyone who wants to build multiple income streams

Course Curriculum

Introduction to The Online Multi-Business Master Plan Course FREE 00:03:00
Aims of this course FREE 00:06:00
Course Structure 00:02:00
Online Business Models
Online Business Models Overview 00:01:00
Business Models- Udemy 00:04:00
Business Models- Fiverr 00:06:00
Business Models- Amazon KDP 00:04:00
Business Models- Createspace 00:04:00
Business Models- Other Platforms 00:05:00
Your Multi-Business Website
Your Multi-Business Website 00:04:00
Getting Started
Create, Re-purpose, Repeat 00:04:00
Pick a Niche 00:12:00
Google Keyword Planner Overview 00:02:00
Pick a Platform 00:09:00
Plan, Plan & Test 00:05:00
Earn Your First Dollar 00:06:00
What if you fail- 00:02:00
Build your Systems 00:07:00
Automate and Outsource 00:03:00
Re-purpose and Repeat 00:08:00
Putting it all together 00:04:00
Promoting Your Multi-Business
Promoting Your Multi-Business 00:06:00
The Complete Online Multi-Business Master Plan
The Complete Online Multi-Business Master Plan 00:11:00
Essential Tools
Paypal Overview 00:01:00
Fiverr Overview 00:03:00
MailChimp Overview 00:03:00
Finally 00:02:00


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