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Course Overview

Get proper nursing assistant training and help people recover from illness, in one of the noblest professions out there.

The skills you gain from this Nursing Assistant Diploma course will help you take care of patients and it’ll also help you if one of your family members or loved one falls ill and you want to take better care of them.  

In the course, you’ll learn how to take care of patients with special needs, infection and infection control, caring for patients with common health problems, how to make patients comfortable, emergency care and many more.

The knowledge you will gain from this course will give you an edge if you are looking to start a career in the healthcare sector.

This course gives you valuable practical skills that’ll benefit you throughout your life. Enrol today and boost your career prospects with an accredited online qualification

What You Will Learn

This is one of the best courses on nursing you’ll find, and it’ll teach you everything that you need to know about this amazing topic.

  • Communication, Human Growth and Development
  • Immune System Terms and Terminology
  • Caring for Patients with Special Needs
  • Infection and Infection Control
  • Caring for patients with Common Health Problems
  • Assisting with Safety & Comfort, Nutrition & Fluids, Exercise & Activity and Emergency Care
  • Personal Cleansing and Dressing
  • Cleaning procedures, and many more

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No prior qualifications are needed to take this course

No hidden fees or exam charges

CPD Qualification Standards and IAO accredited

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Gain professional skills and better earning potential


After completing the course you’ll receive a free printable CPD accredited PDF certificate. Hard Copy certificate is also available, and you can get one for just £9!


This course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It is a recognised independent accreditation service.

Enrol today and learn something new with iStudy.

You’ll find a full breakdown of the course curriculum down below, take a look and see just how much this course offers. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with this course.

Course Curriculum

Nursing Assistant Diploma
Module 01: Introduction to Nursing Assisting 00:35:00
Module 02: Communication, Human Growth and Development 00:35:00
Module 03: Basic Human Needs and Communication 00:25:00
Module 04: Immune System Terms and Terminology 00:25:00
Module 05: Understanding the Person 00:15:00
Module 06: Caring for Patients with Special Needs 00:40:00
Module 07: Infection and Infection Control 00:40:00
Module 08: Caring for Persons with Common Health Problems 00:45:00
Module 09: Assisting with Safety 00:25:00
Module 10: Assisting with Comfort 00:30:00
Module 11: Assisting With Nutrition and Fluids 00:35:00
Module 12: Assisting with Exercise and Activity 00:20:00
Module 13: Assisting With Emergency Care 00:25:00
Module 14: Assisting Dying Patients 00:15:00
Module 15: Personal Cleansing and Dressing 00:30:00
Module 16: Cleanliness of Rooms and Walls 00:10:00
Module 17: Pain Management 00:10:00
Module 18: Maintaining Body Temperature 00:15:00
Module 19: Oxygenation in Nursing 00:15:00
Module 20: Expanded Role of the Nursing Assistant 00:35:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Nursing Assistant Diploma 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Nursing Assistant Diploma 00:20:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

No prior qualifications are needed to take this course.

You can study this course from wherever and whenever you want. You can study at your own pace and from any device. Just log in to your account from any device and start learning!

Yes, there is a test at the end of the course. Once you’ve completed all the modules of the course, you will have to give a multiple-choice test. The questions will be based on the topics of the modules you studied. And of course, you can take the test at any time, from any device and from anywhere you want.

Don’t worry if you fail the test, you can retake it as many times as you want.

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After you complete the course, you’ll immediately receive a free printable PDF certificate. Hard Copy certificate is also available, and you can get one for just £9! You may have to wait for 3 to 9 days to get the hard copy certificate.

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