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This Node.js Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment course is a well-prepared course and perfect for individuals interested in learning how to structure your Node/Express applications, create data models, relate data, display views, authenticate users, create helpers since this comprehensive course provide some solid insight into NodeJS development.

With this course, you’ll learn about Node for adding server-side JavaScript to your skill-set and learn to build engaging and responsive applications. You’ll also learn to build schemas, structure models and query MongoDB to get the accurate data, and the core concepts of MongoDB for building production-ready applications.

The foundations of Node.js including how to prepare and deploy apps to production with Heroku, ES6 concepts like arrow functions, promises, template strings, etc. are an integral part of this course.

What you’ll learn

  • Build high quality applications built with Node, Express and MongoDB
  • Implement authentication including local & Google OAuth strategies
  • Create data models with Mongoose ODM
  • Prepare & deploy apps to production with Heroku
  • Learn ES6 concepts like arrow functions, template strings & promises


  • Basic HTML / CSS knowledge
  • A good understanding of JavaScript Fundamentals (functions, objects, loops, etc)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn how to build & deploy apps built with Node, Express & MongoDB

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Welcome To The Course FREE 00:05:00
Project Files and Questions FREE 00:03:00
Setting Up
Dev Environment Setup 00:07:00
What Is Node.js 00:05:00
Installing & Exploring Node.js 00:07:00
Installing MongoDB Locally 00:08:00
Sign Up For mLab 00:03:00
Creating a Heroku Account 00:03:00
VidJot Project & Express Fundamentals
Vidjot Project Introduction 00:04:00
Install & Initialize Express 00:08:00
Basic Routing & Nodemon 00:06:00
Express Middleware 00:05:00
Working With Templates 00:10:00
Bootstrap & Partials 00:08:00
Mongoose & Local MongoDB
Install Mongoose & Connect To Mongo 00:06:00
Create The Idea Model 00:05:00
Add Idea Form 00:07:00
Server Side Form Validation 00:09:00
Save Idea To MongoDB 00:04:00
Fetching Ideas From MongoDB 00:05:00
Edit Idea Form 00:05:00
Update Idea Data 00:09:00
Remove Idea Data 00:06:00
Flash Messaging 00:11:00
Local Authentication With Passport
A Look At Passport 00:05:00
The Express Router 00:11:00
Login & Register Pages 00:13:00
Register Form Validation 00:11:00
User Registration 00:17:00
Hooking Up A Local Strategy 00:11:00
Finishing The Login Functionality 00:12:00
Logout Function 00:04:00
Protecting Routes 00:06:00
Access Control 00:08:00
VidJot Prep & Deployment
Preparing Our App For Deployment 00:08:00
Deploying To Heroku 00:08:00
Adding a Domain Name 00:04:00
StoryBooks Project Start & Google OAuth
StoryBooks App Introduction 00:04:00
Initial Setup & Heroku Push 00:11:00
Creating Our Google OAuth Credentials 00:08:00
Creating Our Google Strategy 00:12:00
Auth Callback & Remote App 00:09:00
Creating The User Model 00:06:00
Saving The Authenticated User 88 00:10:00
Adding Session & Authentication 00:12:00
Creating Our Ul
Index Routes & Handlebars 00:12:00
Header & Navbar 00:09:00
Side Navigation 00:09:00
Dashboard & Stories Routes 00:09:00
Add Button & Footer 00:10:00
Restricting Routes 00:06:00
Add Story Form 00:11:00
Stories & The Database
Create The Story Model 00:06:00
Save Story To MongoDB 00:13:00
Fetch & Display Public Stories 00:12:00
Handlebars Helpers 00:07:00
Show Template & Format Date 00:11:00
Creating The Dashboard 00:12:00
Edit Form & Select Helper 00:09:00
Updating Stories 00:08:00
Deleting Stories 00:04:00
Comments, Access control & Cleanup
Add Comment Functionality 00:10:00
Listing Comments 00:04:00
Edit Access Control 00:10:00
Get Stories From Specific Users 00:07:00
Block Private Story Details Page 00:05:00
StoryBooks Prep & Deployment
Prep & Production Key Variables 00:08:00
Deploy & Test 00:05:00
Domain & Update Google OAuth Creds 00:05:00


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