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What Will I Learn?

Learn from the Best!…with Learn Sign Language – ASL we have enlisted a well-known Deaf presenter Judy Vardon. She has been Deaf since the age of two. She became famous in the Deaf community when she and her family appeared on America’s Extreme Home Makeover show in 2004. She graduated from Lahser High School and is the mother of two sons. She lives with her family in Oak Park, Michigan.
Throughout the course, you will be taught via online videos that have both voices over and subtitles to just pure ASL on its own. This is to increase your receptive and productive skills when conversing with a Deaf person or someone who uses ASL. There are also PDF documents to download so you can track the scripts and keep tabs on your progress. The topics that will be covered are the following: – Alphabet, Spelling & Names, Introductions, Family & Rooms in the House, Animals, Numbers, Money & Time, Time & Weather, Transport & Directions, Interests & Hobbies, Food & Drink.


  • No prior knowledge needed


American Sign Language (ASL) is a richly expressive system of manual communication used by Deaf Americans and Canadians. This Level 1 Certificate in American Sign Language will be helpful to them who wish to communicate in sign in their personal lives, as well as those who wish to explore vocational opportunities in services to people who are Deaf. Formal signs, finger-spelling, pantomime gestures, facial expressions, body movements and speech will be used to convey meaning in ordinary conversation. This Level 1 Certificate in American Sign Language will introduce you via video to the sign alphabet, names, animals, numbers, places and much more. From ordering in a restaurant to getting around, this course is the go-to guide to help you get communicating in sign language. So, enhance your communication skills by getting this course.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who is interested in learning American Sign Language. This could be because you have Deaf members of the family, have Deaf or Hearing Impaired colleagues and you want to have a signed conversation with them. You could also be looking to enhance your skills and use this new language as a tool to help you in your career or help you in your existing job.

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Alphabet, Spelling and Names...
Alphabet with text FREE 00:02:00
alphabet without text FREE 00:01:00
Letter test without text FREE 00:02:00
Letter test with text 00:02:00
Finger spelling names without text FREE 00:02:00
Finger spelling names with text FREE 00:02:00
More Names without text 00:02:00
More names with text 00:01:00
Introductions, Family & Rooms in the house
Introductions FREE 00:04:00
Phrase test 00:01:00
Family Vocabulary  00:02:00
Question forms 00:01:00
Short story – receptive skill practice without text 00:02:00
Short story recap with text 00:02:00
Rooms in the house vocabulary 00:14:00
Animals 00:01:00
Animal phrase test without text 00:01:00
Animal phrase test reply with text 00:01:00
Animal phrase test 2 No text 00:01:00
Animal phase test 2 replay with text 00:01:00
Numbers. Money & Time
Numbers 1 to 20 00:03:00
Number test and extra numbers 00:03:00
Number test 2 00:02:00
Money signs 00:02:00
Time and months 00:04:00
Mixed Number test 00:03:00
Mixed number test 2 00:02:00
Mixed number test 3 00:03:00
Using numbers for duplication 00:01:00
Practice Time & Weather
Story receptive practice – no text 00:02:00
Story receptive replay with text 00:02:00
Weather vocabulary 00:01:00
Weather phrase test without text 00:01:00
Weather phrase replay with text 00:01:00
Story receptive practice – no text 00:01:00
Story receptive replay with text 00:01:00
Transport and Directions
Transport Vocabulary 00:01:00
Transport phrases 00:01:00
Direction vocabulary 00:01:00
Direction phrases 1 00:01:00
Direction phrases 2 00:02:00
Direction phrases 3 00:02:00
Getting around phrases – no text 00:02:00
Getting around phrases replay with text 00:02:00
Interests and Hobbies
Interest & Hobbies Vocabulary 00:03:00
Phrase test without text 00:01:00
Phrase test replay with text 00:01:00
Food and Drink
Food and drink vocabulary 00:03:00
Food and drink vocabulary test 00:01:00
Food & drink phrase test – no text 00:01:00
Food and drink replay with text 00:01:00
American Sign Language Level-Handouts
American Sign Language Level-Handouts 00:00:00


This course is for anyone who's interested in this topic and wants to learn more about it. This course will also help you gain potential professional skills.

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