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Eye exercises help you strengthen your visual fitness. People with fit eyes react smarter in case of emergency. While driving, their chances to escape an accident are greater than people lacking visual fitness. Since electronic devices surround our daily life, we spend a long time staring at the screen leading to so many visual troubles. Hence, this course will help you to develop your visual quality and save your precious eyes from going blind or low-sighted. A simple eye exercise can help you get over with the severity and handle the daily pressure on your eyes. This course fulfills the purpose of coaching you the eye exercises to improve your vision.

What you’ll learn

  • Apply 2 Simple Eye Relaxation Techniques that may help to defuse stress around the Face, Neck, Shoulders, and Body
  • Complete a Set of 12 Simple Eye Gymnastics Exercises Daily that may help to Improve Vision in a Completely Natural way
  • Use the recipes provided in the FREE ebook ‘Nutrition for Eye Health’ to help ensure Optimum Vision


  • No previous experience is required as full details will be provided throughout the course
  • It is suggested that a person undertaking this eye gymnastics course should gradually decrease the amount of time spent wearing corrective lenses during the day and that fundamental eye gymnastics be performed without wearing glasses or contacts to lessen dependency on mechanical aids

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been created for students of ‘All Levels’

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Improve Your Vision Naturally 00:01:00
What is ‘Eye Gymnastics’? 00:02:00
A Few Words Before We Begin 00:01:00
Eye Relaxation Techniques
Eye Relaxation Technique 1 Coverpage 00:01:00
Eye Relaxation Technique 1 00:01:00
Eye Relaxation Technique 2 – with Music (Approx 5 Minutes) 00:05:00
Eye Relaxation Technique 2 Coverpage 00:01:00
Eye Relaxation Technique 2 00:01:00
Eye Relaxation Technique 2 – with Music (Approx 5 Minutes) 00:05:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercises
Eye Gymnastics Exercises Coverpage 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 1 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 2 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 3 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 4 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 5 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 6 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 7 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 8 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 9 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 10 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 11 00:02:00
Eye Gymnastics Exercise 12 00:02:00
Bonus Material - Downloads
Nutrition for Eye Health 00:00:00

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