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Listening is a conscious activity which requires attention. Rather than waiting to speak, you need to listen attentively to fully understand the other person. Remember, there is no point in asking a question if you do not intend to listen carefully to the answer!

The Communication: The Ultimate Guide to Questioning & Listening is designed to help you think about how you communicate verbally. The course includes information on the processes involved and the steps you can take to help ensure that verbal or spoken messages are received as intended. Through this course you will learn, examine and be able to apply; what questions are, what they can do and why we ask them. As well as examining and practicing active listening and common body language cues. In additional you will be able to recognize and respond to both positive and negative question responses.

What you’ll learn

  • Answer – “what is questioning?”
  • Understands and can apply what questions can do
  • Unpick why we ask questions
  • Examine what active listening is
  • Undertake an active listening exercise
  • Appreciate the role of body language
  • Recognize the main body language cues and signs as they relate to questions & answers
  • Use, understand and appreciate 12 question types
  • recognize, appreciate and use 12 different types of questions – including; the pros and cons, examples and interpersonal implications
  • Appreciate and respond appropriately to possible question responses
  • Appreciate the role of emotional intelligence
  • Download a series of ‘Top Ten Questions’


  • Some method of jotting down thoughts, notes and quiz answers
  • The 8th question type video (Socratic) has a supporting document

Course Curriculum

Introduction to The Ultimate Guide to Questioning
Course Introduction FREE 00:05:00
The Fundamentals - What & Why
What is questioning? 00:02:00
What can questions do? 00:10:00
Why do we ask questions? 00:04:00
Active listening
Are you listening? 00:09:00
Active Listening Exercise 00:09:00
Body language
Body language 00:13:00
The 12 Different Types of Questions
Introduction to the 12 question types 00:03:00
Closed questions 00:03:00
Tag or tail questions 00:02:00
Open questions 00:02:00
Imagine questions 00:02:00
Funnel questions 00:02:00
Probing questions 00:06:00
Recall & process questions 00:02:00
Socratic questions – 6 types 00:04:00
Leading Questions 00:02:00
Loaded questions 00:02:00
Rhetorical questions 00:01:00
Empathetic questions 00:03:00
How can people respond to questions?
8 possible question responses 00:06:00
Summary of Ultimate Guide To Questioning 00:04:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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