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You will Transform Your World by conquering the Worlds Number 1 Fear – The Fear of Public Speaking.

You and I will go on a journey together, where i will walk with you through a place of Self Discovery, while teaching you that you can do this and you are OK.

There Are 4 Exciting Encounters On Our Journey Together :

Working On Basics 101 – Where you will learn and WE WILL practice the skills needed to Speak in front of people.

1.1. Skill of the mouth – Learn how to articulate and speak clearly1.2. Communication – Learn the complete cycle of communication1.3. It’s in the eyes – Learn how to use your eyes to connect with the audience1.4. You have 40 Seconds – Learn how you have 40 seconds to make an impression on people1.5. Body Language – Learn to speak clearly with the language of the body1.6. Art of Speaking – Learn how to practice the art of speaking

Working On It 102 – Taming the Beast, The Speech Itself. Learning how to take your message, from your Thoughts, to your Heart, to Paper, then to your Audience.

2.1. Putting it all together – Learn how to grab attention by creating a captivating speech                                       2.2. Content is key – Learn how good content will inform, inspire and motivate your audience2.3. To joke or not to joke – Learn how to tell a joke properly2.4. Learn your lines – Learn how to turn a blank piece of paper into a masterful speech2.5. Visual aids – Learn how you are the most important visual aid

Working On  Me 103 – This is where you get to know the “REAL YOU “, as you and i spend sometime in front of the mirror, transforming YOU into the “NEW YOU ”

3.1. Walk the talk – Learn how to dress, stand and be professional3.2. What gives you the edge – Learn how you are only as good as the people you have around you3.3. It’s the heart that counts – Learn how to connect with your audience by going through their heart3.4. Mirror Time – Learn how spending time in front of the mirror can save your life3.5. How to deal with stress – learn how to keep your emotional tank full3.6. Fake it till you make it – Learn how to look good on the outside, while you are freaking out on the inside3.7. Preparation on the day – Learn how to prepare yourself for the big day

Working On Them 104 – They really are “NAKED ”                                                                                                       Learn that we are all the same and what makes the difference, also learn how to create An Atmosphere of Caring, As YOU find out “How To Change The World One Person At A Time, Starting With YOU “.

4.1. People don’t care – learn how to create an atmosphere of Caring4.2. They really are naked – Learn that we are all the same and what makes the difference4.3. Sing the right song – learn how to sing the song for the one who pays for the music4.4. Know your venue – Learn how to take the lead on the day at the venue4.5. Why do it – Learn how to change the world one person at a time, including you

 “Life Doesn’t get Better YOU Get Better” 

Enjoy your time with Me as i Teach YOU HOW to get Better.   

HISMAN                                                                                                                      Sean Collard

Public speaking is probably the number one fear in all over the world. While speaking in public do you put pressure on yourself to be perfect?  Do you dread confronting the possibility of being rejected? Then taking this Public Speaking & Communication Made Easy course can exceedingly benefit you to overcome this fear for a lifetime.

This course will introduce you with the skills you need to become a public speaker and help you gain confidence in your ability to connect with and communicate to people courteously and professionally.

Appropriate body language, the correct tone of voice, making eye contact, etc. also an integral part of this course. Learn some best practices to communicate with courage and confidence, while looking and feeling professional at the same time.

What Will I Learn?

  • Complete skill and confidence in your ability to connect with and communicate to people socially and professionally


  • The will to learn and a reasonable understanding of English

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who want to learn how to connect with and communicate to people with courage and confidence, while looking and feeling professional

Course Curriculum

Working on Basics 101
Skill Of The Mouth 00:09:00
Communication 00:04:00
It’s In The Eyes 00:05:00
You Have 40 Seconds FREE 00:02:00
Body Language 00:06:00
Art Of Speaking 00:06:00
Working On It 102
Putting It Together 00:05:00
Content Is Key 00:06:00
To Joke Or Not To Joke FREE 00:02:00
Learn Your Lines 00:06:00
Visual Aids 00:03:00
Working On Me 103
Walk The Talk 00:05:00
What Gives You The Edge 00:05:00
It’s The Heart That Counts 00:04:00
Mirror Time 00:05:00
How To Deal With Stress 00:04:00
Fake it Till You Make It 00:07:00
Preparation On The Day 00:05:00
Working On Them 104
People Don’t Care How much you know until they know how much you care 00:04:00
They Really Are Naked 00:03:00
Sing The Right Song 00:06:00
Know Your Venue 00:04:00
Public Speaking – Why Do It? FREE 00:04:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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