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Business and Data Analysis with SQL is a comprehensive training in the theoretical and practical study of Data analysis and SQ language. This module is open to the people who want to elevate their business growth. Secure your position as an asset to the organization by learning SQL. Make your professional skill more productive by learning data analysis and SQL communication. The course exposes to you the details on computational and data investigational methods. It also highlights the basics of extracting data from the database storage. On completion of this online course, you will have an extensive understanding of how the database works and ways to function them properly, and thus be able to make critical decisions like a professional.

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course, you will have the ability to run your own data projects, work with databases and manage large datasets and provide meaningful business intelligence reports to your team.


  • Be familiar with reports and data-based projects.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at business professionals who work with data of all sizes. You will learn the fundamentals of business intelligence and basic data warehouse development.

Course Curriculum

Business and Data Analysis with SQL FREE 00:06:00
Database and Datawarehouse Design
Introduction to Databases- A History 00:04:00
SQL Statement Categories 00:02:00
Capture data requirements 00:09:00
Physical Vs Logical Data Representations 00:03:00
Normalise data 00:07:00
Fact Tables 00:04:00
Aggregate data 00:07:00
Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD’s) 00:07:00
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) 00:13:00
Structured Query Language (SQL) - Fundamentals
MySQL Server Setup 00:05:00
MySQL Server Start and stop Service 00:02:00
Connect to database 00:07:00
Comments in SQL 00:05:00
Select data from a table 00:16:00
Table Indexes 00:08:00
Table and Column Aliases 00:05:00
Inner Join Tables 00:02:00
Left and Right Outer Table Joins 00:04:00
Union (all) Results 00:04:00
Project Management
Project Management (Agile Methodology) 00:11:00
Kanban boards 00:09:00
Prioritise Requirements using MoSCoW 00:04:00
Sales Project
Sales Project – Introduction 00:05:00
Create and Drop Database 00:05:00
Query Workflow 00:09:00
Sales Project – Part 1 – Data Capture 00:15:00
Sales Project – Part 2 – Data Analysis 00:08:00
Sales Project – Part 3 – Data Summary 00:12:00
Sales Project – Part 4 – Send to production 00:09:00
MySQL Query Explain Plan 00:07:00
Common Table Expressions (WITH) 00:14:00
Data Control Language (DCL)
User Administration 00:13:00
MySQL Programs
MySQL Set Windows Environment Variable 00:05:00
MySQL Command Line 00:17:00
Visualising Data
Export results to Excel 00:06:00
Setup MySQL ODBC (Open Database Connector) 00:11:00
Creating a report in Microsoft Excel 00:21:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

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