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Why Explore Dreams


Prior to getting into the particulars of how to experience lucid dreams, let’s have a closer look at the reasons for discovering how to wake up in your dreams. Do the likely Advantages justify the time and effort demanded to master lucid dreaming?

 The Basics

Undeniably, life is short. To make matters tougher, we have to spend between one-fourth and one-half of our lives sleeping. Many of us are in the habit of almost sleepwalking through our dreams. We rest, senselessly, through many 1000s of chances to be totally cognizant and alive.

Is slumbering through your dreams the finest use of your restricted lifetime? Not only are you blowing part of your finite stock of time to be alive, but you’re neglecting adventures and lessons that may enrich the rest of your lifetime. By waking up to your dreams, you’ll add to your experience of living and, if you utilise these added hours of clarity to experiment and exercise your brain, you are able to likewise better your enjoyment of your waking hours.

Dreams are a source of knowledge and experience; all the same, they’re frequently neglected as a vehicle for researching reality. In the dream state, our bodies are at ease, yet we see and hear, propel about, and are still able to learn. When we make great use of the dream state, it’s almost as though our lives were doubled: rather than 100 years, we live 200.

We may carry not only knowledge but likewise moods from the lucid dream state to the awake state. When we wake up laughing with joy from a fantastic lucid dream, it is not surprising that our awakening mood has been lightened with feelings of delight. A girl‟s first lucid dream, which she had after studying an article regarding lucid dreaming, renders a brilliant example. Upon realising she was dreaming, she “attempted to remember the advice in the material, “but the sole thing that sprang to mind was a feeling of her own:

“ultimate experience.” She felt absorbed by a “blissful sense of intermixing and melting with colours and light” that kept, “opening into a total „climax „ “afterwards, she “softly floated into waking awareness” and was left with “a spirit of bubbling joy” that endured for a week or more.

This transfer of positive feeling into the waking state is a crucial facet of lucid dreaming. Dreams recollected or not, often colour our mood upon waking up, occasionally for a great part of a day. Even as the negative after effect of “foul” dreams may cause you to feel as though you got up on the incorrect side of the bed, the favourable feelings of a pleasant dream may provide you with an emotional pickup, helping you to begin the day with self-assurance and energy. This is more genuine with inspirational lucid dreams.

Maybe you’re still thinking, “My dreams are intriguing enough as is. Why should I make an attempt to heighten my consciousness of it?” If so, think about the traditional mysterious teaching that holds that most of the mankind is asleep.

Once you’ve had the experience of recognising that you’re dreaming and that your possibilities are far better than you had thought, you are able to imagine what a similar realisation may be like in your waking life.

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