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The Well Equipped Kitchen

Before you get started purchasing things for your kitchen, it is important to understand what you really need. But before you can do that, you need an idea of which items make up a well-equipped kitchen. Here is a basic list. Keep in mind that you can add and subtract items depending on your cooking habits. But, it is important to get this list written down before you start buying things. It will help you save money.

Basic Kitchen Utensils

  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups, spoons, and glass measuring cup for handling liquids Soup Ladle
  • Whisk
  • A really good knife set Can opener
  • Potato masher Wooden spoons Vegetable peeler Colander Rubber spatulas


  • Blender Mixer Toaster
  • Food processor (helpful, but not necessary)

Baking Dishes and Pans

  • Dishes for baking and cooking things in the oven such as cookie sheets ceramic baking dishes, and cake pans.
  • Roasting pan for larger meats and one for smaller meats.
  • A good, standard pan set that includes everything such as pots, sauté pans and fry pans.
  • Large soup pot and other pots and pans you may need that are not included in the set.
  • It is important to write down how you envision your kitchen. Think about what you need in your kitchen at the bare minimum.
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