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The Tools That You Must Need

In order to produce good quality video products, you will need to invest in a good quality web camera or digital camera (or both). Remember that the higher the resolution it has, the better the output it provides will be. So if you are looking to present your product/service in the best possible way, you need to get the best.


If you require sound for your video, then you need a microphone. By recording your voice as a voice over to the video, you are actually providing an additional benefit to your customers.  As the sound, as well as the picture, is important when making a video product, you should ensure that the sound effects are as enticing as the video itself.


It is important that the area is well lit, and that the entire area that you are going to use for making your video product. The more light you have in the area, the crisper the video pictures will be. You may also decide to use lighting effects in order to add further appeal to your video presentation.

Video Editing Software

This can be any program, but you do need this in order to finalise your work. It can help you to add further sounds, delete some bad angles or help you to insert some still pictures as well. There are some programs available which are user-friendly (we will look at these in another chapter) without you having any knowledge with regard to video editing. Even the simplest video editing  programs should help you to achieve your goal of producing a good quality video product.     It is vital when doing your editing you choose the right background for you video. As the light will effect the video presentation, it is important that you choose a background which will complement the lighting.

Additional Video Material

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