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The Importance Of A Wedding Photography Shot List

As you look for a few wedding photography tips, remember this one, which may be the most important of them all. Ensure that each of your brides, grooms and their families create what is called a shot list. You do not read minds, so you do need to know what they are expecting from you. No matter if this list is large or small, it will play an integral part in the success of your photo shoot. However, it can be difficult to approach a couple about such a list. Before you take the plunge, consider these helpful tips.


How To Get A Great Shot List

One of the biggest problems with a shot list is the client that goes overboard. It may seem that they want every shot imaginable and that may kill any type of spontaneity that you are hoping to create the wedding photography. It can also make it difficult for you to get everything accomplished. To avoid the bride and groom with a long shot list, consider asking them if they have any special shots they would like to make sure you get. Do not ask for a list, but a few special shots.

In addition to this, be sure to let them know what shots you are going to take already. For example, bridal party shots are a given, but state that those will be taken, along with parent shots. Ask about any other important shots necessary. This way, it will allow hold off the couple from giving you a long list.

Here are a few more things to consider about shot lists for wedding photography.

  • To ensure that every shot they request happens. Keep a laminated list with you that you can check off as you complete them. Disappointing the couple will hurt future referrals.
  • Talk about family shots specifically. There may be a group shot of brothers and sisters or a shot with nieces and nephews that is important. Best friend shots are commonly important too.
  • Allow them to think about any important shots they may like. Allow them to talk with their family about any shots those family members would like to have as well. This could increase the number of copies produced.

Wedding photography is not an exact science and while things go wrong from time to time (do not guarantee these shots, after all) you can count on easing the process if you have a short list to work from.

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