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What is Motivation

Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes one toward performing a certain action. Motivation strengthens the ambition, increases initiative and gives direction, courage, energy and the persistence to follow one’s goals.
Motivation is usually strong when one has a vision, a clear mental image of a certain situation or achievement, faith in one’s abilities and also a strong desire to materialize it. In this case, motivation pushes one forward, toward taking action and making the vision a reality.

Motivation is what drives you into achieving goals in life. Without it, any task you will perform will feel dry and empty. It is one of the core differences between a hard working person and a hard-working machine. Also, motivation acts like a sort of adrenaline rush in the bloodstream. It can make you achieve things which you normally cannot. It is like the fuel that keeps a fire burning.

But like any fuel, motivation can also run out. Sometimes, it can just get dry on its own. This is especially true if the goals being pursued still appear so far away. That is why motivation is something that needs to be renewed from time to time just as you would refuel a car once its fuel tank is empty.

The problem is ‘how’. It is not as simple as wanting it back.  Motivation sometimes occurs in a spur of the moment and recreating the events that produced it can be a truly difficult task. And when gone for too long, motivation can get more difficult to revive.

Also, motivation can be easily destroyed by discouraging situations and events. For example, a basketball player seeking to be the best in his region can receive a slap in the face when faced with an opponent with skills far greater than his own. Also, an environmentalist can get demoralised after seeing events of mass pollution.

When motivation is crushed this way, it is even more difficult to gain it back. Sadly, many people are facing the same situation every day. Students are losing motivation to continue their studies, artists are losing motivation to keep practising their art, employees are losing motivation to keep doing a good job at work, and so forth.

This is the main reason why this book has been arranged. In here, you will find a collection of some of the most effective ways to regain lost motivation. It also has useful tips on how to maintain motivation while it is present.

These tips will be very useful during tough times. You can consult them when you feel discouraged and unmotivated or you can read through them during your free times to prepare you for the future.

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