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Can You Manage Yourself Out Of A Paper Bag?

I have been planning events and completing complex projects for years, and I consider myself to be a well-organized person. I even have lists for It was not until I accessed my potential limitations and followed the steps outlined in this book that I really began to complete task after task with the least amount of stress, setbacks or delays. This is  coming from a person who early in my career was told by a manager, “Angela, you couldn’t yourself out of a paper bag.” After all, I have done to master the art of project management, all I can say is “How do you like me NOW?”

Everyone has the potential to complete a project. To what degree of completion is solely dependent upon the person managing the project. We may have physical or mental limitations, but it is usually the preconceived notions or subconscious thoughts we have about ourselves that limits us from completing a project to its fullest potential.

Take a look at the projects you have attempted to complete in the past and identify what was lacking or incomplete. Most likely,  you will begin to see a trend or pattern that has been holding you back. Those are the potential limitations we are going to work to eliminate and/or counter these during the process. Let me give you a personal example of how I made a change in my project management process and

Became more successful

Earlier in my career when I was doing seminars, I became fixated on attendance. It was so important to me how many people attended that I slacked on the content. I allowed my addiction to social acceptance cloud the true purpose of the event, which was to educate and create exposure for my company. That limitation prevented me from providing more seminars. As a result, I’ll never know the impact they would have had on my business growth.

I learned to counter that fixation by planning the event with a commitment to making the seminar educational and informative. Setting aside my own fears of social acceptance, I am committed to putting on a successful seminar even if there are only two or three in attendance. And strangely enough, as I started to focus less on myself and more on the actual content of the seminars, the attendance started to increase.

We all have these potential limitations. If in your mind you are too busy, you will then begin to act out your life in a manner of someone is too busy. If you feel that you cannot harness the resources necessary to successfully manage a project without stress and angst, then you will always be stressed out while completing your tasks.  That is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This concept is nothing new to the Psychology 101 student, but it has never been applied to you and how it affects your ability to complete your goals.

So now let‘s stop limiting our potential and get down to the business of actually completing projects. Let me teach you how to manage your tasks, your projects and even get yourself out of that paper bag you have created around yourself.

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