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Why to Panic Attacks

In this chapter, you will know the detailed description of panic attacks and will get to know the exact state in which they can occur.

  • Initiating the cure

How To Start

Some dreadful feeling which causes extreme mental disturbance and psychological disorders in a person can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. You can categorize panic as a type of anxiety but this is the more severe type of anxiety in which you can totally lose control of yourself and you become feared by some object, situation or any other event.

There is a solution to these panic attacks but to explore those solution options, the sufferer bust explores the symptoms in the first place and need to know the triggering point of these attacks.

Some of the general symptoms of panic attacks are palpitations, nausea, trouble breathing, hyperventilation, trembling, and hot and cold flashes. The person who goes through these panic attacks often feels like he is going crazy and if some physical problem like chest pain or fatigue accompanies these attacks the, the situation becomes even worse.

In general types, panic attacks will not last for more than 30 minutes but the duration can vary according to nature of a panic attack and person’s mental and psychological state.

Whatever your circumstances and situation are but you need to find a solution of these panic attacks as soon as you know about them because if you do not pay attention towards these attacks then, they can persist and can give you a long-term physical or mental illness.

There can be different types panic attacks which all depend upon the type of anxiety you have but in more generalized way anxiety is categorized as obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Initiating the Cure

If you are experiencing some kind of panic attacks then, you must start a solution as soon as possible because if you delay the cure then, the situation will become more and more dangerous and worse with every passing day. Everything starts with physical checkup and tests and when everything seems fine then, you need to consult some good psychologist to help you in this case.

He will know the symptoms and feelings which you can go through while experiencing panic attacks. Proper and healthy diet introduction can lead to fewer panic attacks and sleep is another very effective tool to help you in panic situations. People often suffer from sleeping disorder as the first symptom of panic attacks and if you are also going through this disorder then make it go away as soon as possible.

There are so many other techniques available to control panic attacks and these techniques include distraction techniques, deep breathing techniques, muscle relaxation exercises and lot others and all of these techniques can help to reduce the frequency of these panic attacks and if you act on them regularly then you can even get rid of panic attacks completely.

In rest of the EBook, I will tell you about these techniques in detail because most of the people are shy and they do not tell about these kinds of problems and seek information and cure help at their own.

This can be a wrong approach but you should keep looking for a solution whether you do it on your own or from your doctor. In this Book, I will not tell you any medicine because taking or giving medicine without prescription of doctor is not legal and it can get you and me both in trouble. I will concentrate only on other methods which do not involve any medication

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