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Second Lesson

It’s time for your second lesson in the Kindle Publishing for Beginnersc. I hope you found lesson one informative and of already taken some time to explore the KDP website.

As we discussed in your last lesson there is an enormous opportunity for profit by publishing on Amazon Kindle, especially if you are an author or entrepreneur, you can profit from the popularity of the Kindle by using your talent to write and publish books specifically for the Kindle platform, but where do you start?

Today we’re going to go over some simple tips that will help you start writing your first Kindle book right away. I’m going to break it down into short actionable steps that you can print out for quick reference.

For this example were going to use a how-to book:

Decide on a topic

First, choose a category. Keep in mind that it is easier to write on interesting topics. For your first book try to choose a topic that you are interested in. For instance; do you like to build birdhouses?  Then write a how-to book about that. With how-to guides, your options are virtually unlimited. Popular topics include those that show readers how to save money, solve problems, make money and home improvement projects.

Create an outline

To help increase productivity and combat writer’s block, write a good outline. You can do this on the computer by hand or ported and have it transcribed later. List the important points that you want to include in your book. If you want to show readers how to replace a kitchen countertop, your sections can include needed tools, tips for buying equipment, preparation, the replacement process, and cleaning tips.

Use Microsoft Word or an another good text editor

Your books should be composed in Microsoft Word or a similar text editing program makes it easy to catch spelling and grammar errors, as well as monitor word count.

Write the Introduction

Your book introduction should be at least two paragraphs. Start with a catchy phrase.  For a book instructing readers on how to replace their kitchen countertop, your introduction can say “Are you tired of looking at an old, dreary kitchen counter?  Don’t wait any longer.”

State the point of your book, which may be showing readers how to replace their kitchen countertop. Mention how your book can help them accomplish their goal. Then, thank them for joining you on the journey.

Write the chapters

How-to books are shorter than novels. Don’t focus too much on word count or page length.  Instead, just write until all your points are covered.

With that said, each chapter should be at least three pages long. Take each of your sections from your outline and describe them in great detail.

Write the conclusion

For the conclusion of your ebook, restate your main points.  Unlike the introduction, the conclusion can be as short as one paragraph or even one sentence.

Proofread and edit

As previously stated, Microsoft Word has many helpful tools for writers.

Keep in mind that these tools are not 100% accurate. For that reason, do not rely on them alone.

Proofread and edit again

The importance of a well-written and edited book can’t be stressed enough. Remember, when selling on Amazon, all products are subject to reviews. To help ensure that yours are positive, do your best to eliminate all spelling and grammar errors. So, proofread and edit your book multiple times before proceeding. Then have someone else proofread it too.

TIP: You can also hire a proofreader to go over your finished product to ensure that it is ready for the public.

These steps will help you compose your book. Now, to make your book compatible with the Amazon Kindle, you will need to login to your Amazon account and access the KDP platform and follow the steps to upload a covert your book. After all of the steps of been completed your brand-new book will be available in the Amazon Kindle Store and ready to sell within 24 hours.

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