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Planning Your Organic Vegetable Garden

By deciding to grow your vegetable garden organically, you’re ensuring your vegetables are in their purest form, as nature intended. Modern gardening products, with chemicals, actually change the taste of vegetables.Fertiliser with man-made chemicals can also ultimately lead to severe health problems.

The first step to growing an organic vegetable garden; is to find an excellent location and adequately allocate the proper space to your organic vegetable garden. The amount of space you decide to use for your organic vegetable garden must be sufficient, but not in excess; you do not want wasted space or wasted vegetables because you grew too many. Another important factor to consider, when planning your organic vegetable garden, is to ensure the soil has enough drainage.  You should also try to keep it in as close proximity to a water source that you possibly can.

A useful tip, when planning your organic vegetable garden, is to literally map out your garden; before you plant any seeds. After you measure the space you plan on allocating to your organic vegetable garden, you can draw your garden on a piece of graph paper. If you are so inclined, you can draw your garden to scale; on the graph paper. Either way, it will make your planting much easier, if you have a well-designed and drawn out plan to work from while planting.

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