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Module 1. Introduction

Module I. is an introductory course intended to help learners develop a more comprehensive understanding of childhood trauma.  Learners will be able to recognize the various causes of trauma, identify the different systems associated with the levels of safety, and understand the basic neurobiology of trauma.  The knowledge gained will promote a deeper understanding of trauma and its effects.

This module establishes the basis for caregivers to build healthy relationships, manage problem behaviors, and provide supportive care to children who have experienced trauma.  Learners will gain a better understanding and familiarity that will support them as caregivers.

Learners will be able to distinguish between the various causes of trauma, identify the levels of safety, and have a more thorough understanding of the neurobiology of trauma.

Learners who participate in Module 1. will be able to better conceptualize information related to trauma, its effects on behavior, and implement strategies that promote successful and safe care.

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