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Learn the art of delegation

If you are the type of person used to doing everything on your own or you have the difficulty of letting go, keep in mind that you do not have enough hours in the day to do and attend to everything. This is a very important value every managers and leader should learn and accept. Reduce your workload and enhance efficiency by learning to delegate tasks.

Study to get training for a specialized skill

These days, a highly desirable and specialized skill set can propel you from being just an ordinary employee to a more valuable one. Take time to determine what are the most valuable and in-demand skills in your industry and check if it is something that you can learn to acquire during your spare time.

Earn a higher qualification or degree

There are certain job sectors that require having a certain degree, specialized training or certification in order to qualify you for a higher pay scale. While this route may be financially challenging and time-consuming, it can increase your qualifications and make you eligible for promotions or higher designations, which can prove to be a good and rewarding investment in the long run. Whether it’s an MBA degree or a Six Sigma Black Belt, check out if spending on night classes and seminars can turn out to be feasible investments. There are also companies that sponsor further education for qualified employees, so take the time to discuss this with your company’s Human Resource Department.

Consider changing your work hours or telecommuting

If your employer is unable or unwilling to give you a salary raise in compensation of the amount of work you do, try to negotiate adjusting your work hours or discuss telecommuting options. However, this may not work for a number of industries but if you can complete most of your work from home, then it’s definitely worth asking. You can also evaluate your work hours and check if working on another shift can help your productivity or open up more time to pursue other money-­‐making opportunities.

Instead of working as a full-­timer, consider becoming a consultant

If you are constantly working above and beyond the regular  40-­‐hour  work week, you may want to explore the idea of working as an hourly consultant, if it is more feasible financially. While this may not mean you work any less, this offers you more flexible work hours, thereby allowing you to take on additional clients and earn extra income instead of working full-­‐time  and not getting overtime pay.

Demand a salary raise if you are doing more  or contributing  significantly

If you feel you deserve a raise for the amount of profit you are bringing into your company or you are doing more work than you are originally hired to do, by all means, ask for a raise based on your performance. You can time your request for a raise after a performance review. If you prove to be a great asset to the company, the management won’t mind paying you more to retain your services.

Find an efficient way of doing repetitive tasks

If your work or day to day tasks require you to attend to repetitive tasks on regular basis, instead of spending a significant amount of time completing them, try to figure out how you can automate or streamline the entire process. There are a lot of online applications and software products online designed to cut down the nitty-­‐gritty stuff. Make use of free apps, which can significantly cut down the amount of time to complete a certain task. If you feel it’s time to purchase paid software, bring this up with the management and make sure to come armed with reasons to justify the expense. Overall, this software can help in significantly increasing productivity, accuracy and provide easy access to organized information.

Consider changing jobs or making a bold career move

If you feel your career is facing a dead end and there is no opportunity to transition into a more rewarding and healthier work-­‐life balance with your current job, consider exploring better opportunities. Find a new work environment where your experience and skills are greatly valued. The bottom line here is, if you are overworked and underpaid, it’s time you do something about it.

Consider taking on  freelance writing  jobs

If you have a flair for writing or possess a solid grasp of good grammar, communication and spelling, you may want to seek opportunities for freelance writing jobs. You can contribute articles to magazines, newspapers and other local periodicals to earn extra income. Gradually build your portfolio and work your way towards establishing credibility.

Teach  a language

Do you know and speak another language? Or maybe you have the strong command of the English language to qualify you to teach it? This is an in-demand skill that can open up great money making opportunities.

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