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Importance of Receptionist

The receptionist is quite often the first person that a customer, candidate or client interacts with when making contact with an organisation, so they are essentially the face and voice of your company and for this reason, they play an extremely important role in the representation of an organisation.

Here are a few reasons why your receptionist could just be the most important person in your office:

1) First impressions:

Receptionists are often the first person and sometimes the only person that people have contact with when getting in touch with an organisation and their initial judgments of the business are based on their experience with this individual.

First impressions are a driving force in business and therefore your receptionist is extremely influential, as their appearance, manners, knowledge and helpfulness reflect on the entire company.

2) They’re resourceful:

They always seem to have the solution for problems that crop up at the most inconvenient of times. A great receptionist is able to think fast, solve complications, and ensure that clients and customers feel that they’re in good hands.

They can always handle tricky phone calls and make sure that everyone’s schedules are on track, keeping on top of everything that makes the business run smoothly.

3) They’re a Jack-of-all-trades:

You can rely on a receptionist for their flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations. Whereas most employees in the office will focus on their own duties and do not necessarily get involved in other areas of the company, the receptionist interacts with people throughout the whole organisation and will get involved in all departments.

They have a high awareness of the goings-on throughout the business for this reason and are very knowledgeable about the company, making them the ideal person for customers to go to with questions.

4) They possess enviable organisation skills:

Thanks to our receptionists, other employees have the time to get on with the work they are really there to do and is the most valuable use of their time. Time managements is one of their real strong points and receptionists are great at juggling jobs and are also able to organise the duties of other staff members too when necessary.

They always know where to find the documents, phone numbers and email addresses you need without a second thought and are always available to take messages and get in touch with necessary individuals.

5) They’re great communicators:

Communication skills are their best asset and not only do they have the ability to speak well and convey information clearly, they’re also great listeners, and are always willing to respond to clients needs and requests.

They know how to keep their calm when under pressure and will never become flustered at several ringing phone lines, email requests and people waiting at the front desk.

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