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To begin, make a decision to discard any former knowledge learned about the “rules” of resume and cover letter writing.  People commonly become stuck in “bad” writing habits from a time gone by.

It is almost a certainty that since you last wrote your resume, much has been learned and even more has been changed.  This is as it should be, for every day, very creative people are adding to the resume and cover letter writing arsenal.

This ebook is chock full of the most recent and cutting-edge resume and cover letter writing techniques, culled from writing professionals and employment experts.

The Basics

For years, we have been told that to be most effective, a resume should be only one page.  This just does not apply any longer!  Today’s resume is creative and unique.  Aside from the most essential and key elements, a resume should reflect the personality and need of the job seeker and not be some cookie-cutter rendition of what is “acceptable and expected.”  

Standards in resumes and cover letters have changed dramatically, but, only so far as the job seeker has the creative expression and know-how to pull it off!  Therein lies the difference.  Every day, employers read all of the standard resumes.  They are required to go through each and every one!  But, which one will catch their eye? Formatting in resumes and cover letters has expanded, too.  When you consider that your resume will be your own, personalised form of marketing yourself — this lends itself to all manner of unique communication and expression.  Again, so long as the essential elements are included in each resume and cover letter, you are at complete liberty to make certain that your resume will impress and with a bang!

Just how, exactly, does one do this?

First of all, learn about the most basic principles involved in writing a highly effective resume and cover letter.  Once you have this down, the creative expression can begin! Your most basic purpose in writing your resume and cover letter will be to be noticed among the many.  You want to stand out as not just a good candidate but as “the” candidate just fitting for the job you want.  When you consider that next to your well-written resume, not even one hundred other resumes will be written as well as yours, you can see the odds will be in your favour.  Your salvation here is in writing a resume that will compel a prospective employer to notice your credentials.  If you can master this technique, the rest will be pure gravy.

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