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I truly cannot fathom a life without a computer, yet I know many people in their 50’s who are very intimidated by the computer. Some of them are actually afraid to touch it. This is because when they were in grade school and high school, computers were not available the way they are now. At that time “computer” meant a machine that filled a good size room, a monolith that none of them ever dreamed would some day fit on the top of a table, or in their lap. While many of the 50+ crowd have come into the 21st century and now own and operate a home computer, or work with one on the job, there are still many out there who are wary.

There is really no reason anyone should feel intimidated, especially with all of the computer instruction courses available. Many of these lessons can be obtained on CD or by download to your computer and will take you step by step through tutorials on how to use your computer. There are others that will teach you how you can program your computer to do just about anything you wish.

Most home PC users are interested in the basics: letter writing, game playing, shopping, news etc., and most of them would like to be able to use the programs that are downloaded on their computers. These include writing programs, Photo applications, printer applications, computer upkeep, and so much more.

This is where you will need to begin, by learning all you can about how to use your PC, you will be taking the first step in opening up a new and vital world for yourself. You will then be able to go on to other applications. Computer programming is a must for anyone who wishes to get a job using a computer and is a big help for those who just want to get connected.

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