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Child Obesity Is A Serious Issue

Child obesity today seems to be a common condition and no longer a phenomenon of just a few individuals. This growing trend is both unhealthy and quite alarming, as most parents seem to be powerless to tackle this problem.

Serious Issue

It used to be that most children that were about 20% over their ideal weight would still be accepted as healthy and cute but this is  no longer the norm and now research is showing that even this percentage is considered to be unacceptable.Obesity also creates unnecessary pressure to the child’s overall body’s systems and thus leaving the child open to diseases and other health deteriorating conditions. Besides the physical negative aspects of being considered obese, there is also the mental aspect to deal with, and most of these children end up suffering from low self esteem, emotional problems and social integration problems.

However, there are some things that can be done to reverse or at least address the fast growing problem. At the infancy stage, the ideal source of food should be breast milk and a delayed introduction of solid foods may be one way of starving off the obesity from occurring.From early childhood, children should be introduced to only healthy foods and snacks and encouraged to have more outdoor play and exercises. Activities for this age group should be designed around movement of the body and limbs as much as possible and activities, where less movements or stationary positions are required, should be kept to a minimal.

The older age group of children should also be encouraged to only make healthy choices when it comes to foods and drinks. Less indoor time and more outdoor activities should be encouraged and even insisted upon to ensure the adequate amounts of body movements are evident daily.

Children should also be taught or conditioned to accept that snaking is unhealthy and proper meals should be part of their diet makeup.

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