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Baby Products For Bath

Bath time for most children is fun. For a newborn, it is anything but. They just want to sleep, look around, be held and eat most of the time. Still, it is important to keep them clean. Walk into any department store and you are sure to find an aisle full of different baby products, all asking to be in use on your child. The question is though do you need them and should you use them. Products that are not safe can harm babies of all ages. However, even those that have ratings as safe to use on young children may be a waste of money. Here is a closer look.

Have you seen many baby body wash products, you may be wondering what happened to a good old bar of soap. When choosing anything to wash the skin of your child, keep in mind it needs to be mild. Children can have negative reactions to the soaps you are using in your shower. So, purchase mild soap in any form that you need. You may want to look for all organic products or at least look for those that are fragrance and dye free.

What about lotions, there seems to be a growing trend to apply layers of lotions to a child’s skin right out of the bathtub? This is not always necessary and at times, it can be dangerous for them. Lotions are not necessary unless the child does have dry skin. If you are concerned about their skin’s moisture level, speak with your paediatrician. In addition, keep in mind that pores can be easily clogged by these lotions, which can lead to rashes. During the winter months, an application of a mild lotion can keep a child’s skin from chapping.

Shampoos are another area where you are likely to find a good number of baby products. Which do you need? A mild shampoo is fine to use once a child’s hair starts to come in. Your child most likely does not need conditioning products in their first months of life. Again, look for organic or at least mild, safer products to use.

Baby products have a design to be mild, but be sure to read their labels. You want them to be as safe for your child’s skin as possible. By the time a child is able to walk and get into things, they should be able to transition to soaps designed for anyone to use, but still mild.

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