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Ehab Eldabeh


•My mission is to Enlighten your mind and soul with extraordinary Coaching, to overcome depression and or anxiety, to discover who you REALLY are, and to inspire you to reach your full potential and live happier life,
Certified PSYCHOTHERAPIST with distinction ( U.K) •Certified Live Coach . Certified international trainer (C.I.T) U.K • Certified Relationships Facilitator •Diploma in Business Administration ( UK) •Diploma in Marketing Management ( UK) . Diploma in Modern Management (UK) .Diploma in PROJECT Management (UK) . Diploma in Time Management (UK) .Diploma in Self Confidence (UK) .Diploma in Art of Negotiation (UK).Diploma in Customer Service management • Certificate of Presentation skills• Certificate of Supervisory skills • Certificate of Effective Selling Skills• Certificate of Team Building •


Area of expertise

Therapist, with great expertise in Depression Certified Life Coach. Certified International Trainer. Sales, and Psychology of sales.