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Learning Objectives

Introduction , Getting Started with OneNote , Managing Notebooks , Working with Containers , Working with Text Containers , Adding Advanced Content , Working with Drawing Tools , Organizing Notebooks , Using Advanced OneNote Features , Conclusion



Basic Computer Skills. Understanding Microsoft Office is helpful but not mandatory.



This course is an introduction to, and in-depth look at OneNote for Windows. During the course, students will learn how OneNote can help them to organize their notes more efficiently, and allow them to access their content from anywhere. Students will also learn how to share the contents of their OneNote notebooks with others, and collaborate.

Course Curriculum

Unit One: Basic Navigations in OneNote
What is OneNote for Windows 00:02:00
Understanding the OneNote Environment 00:04:00
Navigating in OneNote 00:03:00
Changing Views in OneNote 00:04:00
Using Touch Gestures 00:01:00
Getting Help 00:03:00
Unit Two: Notebook Features
Creating a Notebook 00:02:00
Creating Sections 00:04:00
Creating Pages 00:05:00
Opening an Existing Notebook 00:02:00
Unit Three: Containers and Images
Adding a Text Container 00:03:00
Inserting an Image 00:06:00
Inserting Files 00:05:00
Working with Containers 00:03:00
Unit Four: Text Features
Advanced Text Techniques 00:03:00
Formatting Text 00:07:00
Using the Built-In Styles 00:04:00
Working with Automatic Spell Check 00:04:00
Adding Date and Time 00:02:00
Inserting Tables 00:09:00
Unit Five: Clipping, Recording and Translating
Adding a Screen Clipping 00:02:00
Adding Web Content 00:03:00
Working with Cut, Copy and Paste 00:04:00
Recording Audio 00:02:00
Using Voice to Text Dictation 00:02:00
Translating Notes 00:02:00
Inserting an Online Video 00:02:00
Unit Six: Drawing Features
Using the Drawing Tools. 00:03:00
Creating a New Pen 00:04:00
Selecting Objects 00:02:00
Converting Ink to Type 00:01:00
Adding and Modifying Shapes 00:04:00
Converting Drawings to Shapes 00:02:00
Converting Ink or Text to Math 00:03:00
Graphing in OneNote 00:02:00
Working with the Ruler 00:02:00
Unit Seven: Advanced Features
Using Tags 00:04:00
Creating Custom Tabs 00:04:00
Sending to OneNote from Outlook 00:04:00
Searching Content 00:04:00
Advanced Page Management 00:08:00
Advanced Section Management 00:06:00
Advanced Notebook Management 00:05:00
Unit Eight: Sharing and Printing
Using Immersive Reader 00:01:00
Sharing a Notebook 00:03:00
Syncing Notebooks 00:04:00
Exploring Printing Options 00:03:00
Using Print to OneNote 00:02:00
Resource – OneNote for Windows 10 – A Complete Guide Beginner 00:00:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – OneNote for Windows 10 – A Complete Guide Beginner 00:20:00


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