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In this course we will go through and analyze Bobby Fischer’s famous “Game of the Century” in order to learn:

1. How to analyze simple and complicated chess positions

2. How to make a long-term strategic plan

3. How to recognize tactical opportunities to gain material

4. How to think like a top chess Grandmaster

5. How small mistakes lead to a weak position

6. Much more!

By analyzing one of the most amazing chess performances of the last century, we can reveal deep insights of the game. These insights will allow us to improve all aspects of our chess game so that we can become strong all-around players, rather than just excelling at one or two aspects of chess.

By taking this course and applying its lessons, you are guaranteed to become a better chess player as you observe the moves and the ideas behind them from one of the greatest players of all time!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to strategically analyze positions
  • How to tactically analyze positions
  • Important chess psychology
  • How to play in the opening
  • How to play in the middlegame
  • How to analyze the coming endgame
  • How to play great chess!

Who is the target audience?

  • Intermediate chess students and players


  • Basic to intermediate level understanding of the game of chess

Course Curriculum

Introduction : Learn to Play Chess Like Bobby Fischer 00:05:00
Principles of the Opening
Getting your pieces to the center 00:09:00
Don’t waste a single move 00:10:00
Follow basic principles 00:11:00
How to avoid weaknesses in your position 00:06:00
Identifying Tactical Opportunities
How to see tactical opportunities 00:06:00
How to calculate deeply 00:09:00
A great shortcut to calculate quickly 00:04:00
When to sacrifice a piece 00:09:00
Long Term Strategy
Making a Strategic Plan 00:13:00
Understanding the Goals of Each Opening Structure 00:13:00
Visualizing the Endgame 00:12:00
A strong chess player is well-rounded 00:07:00

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