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Believe it or not, German is a language that is in several ways easy to learn than English. In fact, for the English speakers, German is often surprisingly easy to master. Enrolling in this course can help you learn German in a few simple steps in a very little time.

The focus of this innovative and exciting German for Beginners – Level A1 (Part 2/5) course is to provide you with practical and useful advanced techniques, along with a solid base of grammatical and structural knowledge, and further education through demonstrating video lessons including distinct practices.

You’ll learn how to use irregular verbs, prepositions and catchwords which helps you quickly understand the questions and respond in German.

Upon completion of this course, you can understand and use simple everyday phrases and idioms and basic expressions in German.

What Will I Learn?

  • use the nominative and the accusative cases
  • use the negation with “nicht” and “kein”
  • use subordinate sentences with “weil” and “dass”
  • know some irregular verbs
  • correctly use time indications in sentences
  • know the colors in German
  • use German when shopping
  • talk about breakfast, lunch and dinner


  • Ideally, you should already have completed part one of the course. This is not a requirement if you are familiar with the nominative and the accusative cases, the conjugation of regular verbs, the modal verbs and asking questions. You should already know how to present yourself.

Who is the target audience?

  • Take this course if you would like to learn German step by step, if you want to learn it right, right from the beginning.
  • Take this course if you are looking for versatile guided self-learning, a course that contains not only grammar, but also many, many exercises, vocabulary as well as information on Germany and its people.
  • Take it, if you are looking for a fun, interactive course.
  • Do not take it if you are looking for a course that does not contain any grammar.
  • Do not take the course if you just want to learn some sentences by heart without understanding the logic behind them.

Course Curriculum

Stunde 01 - Lesson 01
Sich vorstellen 00:05:00
Viel-Geld 00:04:00
Deklinationen Nominativ, Akkusativ Wiederholung 00:11:00
Deklinationen Nominativ Und Akkusativ Übung 1 00:05:00
können Freizeitaktivitäten 00:08:00
Unregelmäßige Verben 00:06:00
Ich und Ich Ich fürchte mich 00:04:00
Stunde 02 - Lesson 02
Modalverben möchten 00:06:00
Modalverben können 00:07:00
Essen und trinken Dialog 00:08:00
Essen und trinken Vokabeln 00:06:00
Texte-a-…s-Frühstück 00:02:00
Plural feminin 00:05:00
Stunde 03 - Lesson 03
Modalverben Wiederholung Übung 00:10:00
Verneinung kein 00:16:00
Westernhagen – Keine Zeit ( Offizielles Video ) 00:04:00
Marius Müller Westernhagen Keine Zeit 00:05:00
Zeitangaben 02b 00:08:00
Stunde 04 - Lesson 04
Texte Mein Frühstück 02a 00:09:00
Zeitangaben 03 00:05:00
Essen und trinken – 021 00:09:00
Helge Schneider – Käsebrot 00:03:00
Helge Schneider Käsebrot 00:05:00
Vokabeln Braten Kochen 00:05:00
Modalverben Wiederholung 00:10:00
Stunde 05 - Lesson 05
Obst Teil 1 00:09:00
Vokabeln Obst 00:05:00
Dass, Weil Modalverben 00:10:00
In der Bäckerei 00:05:00
mögen, Gern 00:10:00
Stunde 06 - Lesson 06
Deklinationen Nom Akk Übersetzungen 00:04:00
Vokabeln Obst 00:02:00
Extra Te…t Einkaufen 00:04:00
Gemüse 00:04:00
Kräuter 00:02:00
Fragen stellen Fragepronomen finden 3 00:07:00
Unregelmäßige Verben 02 00:07:00
Verneinung kein Übung Teil 2 00:05:00
Benjamin Blümchen [Intro | Ger] 00:01:00
Stunde 07 - Lesson 07
Vokabeln Gemüse.mp4 00:02:00
Verneinung kein Übung Teil 1 00:08:00
Verneinung nicht 04 00:08:00
Verneinung Übung 02 00:08:00
Was machst du 00:03:00
Stunde 08 - Lesson 08
Extra Te…Geschwister 00:05:00
weil Fragen und Antworten 00:08:00
Verneinung nicht und kein 00:09:00
Der Kopf 00:07:00
Gesicht beschreiben 00:06:00
Körperteile 00:04:00
Stunde 09 - Lesson 09
Körperteile 2 00:05:00
Bettina Wegner – Kinder 00:02:00
Bettina-…Egner Kinder 00:05:00
Verneinung nicht oder kein Übung 02 00:07:00
Modalverben 00:08:00
Farben2 00:06:00
Stunde 10 - Lesson 10
Unregelmäßige Verben 03 00:06:00
Deklinationen Wiederholung 00:06:00
Kleidung – Shoppen gehen 00:08:00
Kleidung 00:04:00
Grün grün grün sind alle meine Kleider – Kinderlieder Klassiker zum Mitsingen || Kinderlieder 00:03:00
Kinderlieder Grün-ja Grün Sind Alle Meine Kleider 00:05:00
Deklinationen Nominativ, Akkusativ Plural 00:06:00
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