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The focus of this Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing course is to hook you up with a few essential skills and knowledge that will make it easier to develop your essay writing skills and achieve better academic grades.

For many students, essay writing is a nightmare. This course is intended for high school or college students who find essay writing complicated.

First and foremost, you’ll expand your knowledge of using classroom resources, compose essay by understanding the writing situation and the writing process. You’ll also learn how to scan any type of essay and get introduced to simple editing tips and tricks.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to avoid drafting errors and get introduced to numbers of predicaments that you may face while writing and organising an essay.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how the writing situation, process, and classroom resources impact you
  • Brainstorm to create and use ideas that will develop the essay.
  • Effectively develop and structure introduction and conclusion paragraphs
  • Write a clear, specific, and well connected thesis
  • Understand the organization of essay paragraphs
  • Develop detailed, specific, and appropriate body paragraph content
  • Revise to ensure your writing is thorough, specific, detailed, and effective.
  • Edit for spelling and grammatical mistakes using helpful rules and tips

Who this course is for:

  • High School or College students who struggle with essay writing or need to prepare for it.
  • Returning college students who need to review essay concepts or who struggle with essay writing.
  • English as Second Language (ESL) students who will write essays in High School or College
  • Anyone intested in learning more about academic essay writing.


  • For ESL students, an IELTS score of 7.0 or above is recommended, but a 6.0 may be sufficient.
  • Basic knowledge of how and what sentences and paragraphs do

Course Curriculum

About this Course
01 – Who I am and What I do 00:02:00
02 – Why Writing Essays is Worth it 00:03:00
Before You Start Writing
03 – Before You Start Writing Watch This 00:04:00
04 – The Writing Process Steps to Success 00:05:00
Creating and Organizing your Writing Ideas
05 – Brainstorming Where Writing Begins 00:04:00
06 Outlining to Structure the Brainstorm 00:03:00
07- Organization Structuring the Essay Paragraphs 00:05:00
Developing and Organizing your Essay 3 lectures
08 – Organization Structuring the Essay Paragraphs 00:06:00
09 – Developing the Body Paragraphs 00:04:00
10 – The Conclusion Paragraph Making the Essay Memorable 00:03:00
Revising and Editing your Essay
11 – Revision Making the Essay Effective 00:08:00
12 – Grammar Foundations 00:05:00
13 – Using the Comma 4 Essential Rules to Success 00:08:00
14- Spelling in the Age of Spell Check 00:07:00
15 – The Final Thoughts Before You Write 00:02:00
Bonus Content
16 – Downloadables Academic Writing Activities and Essay Example Guide 00:03:00
17 – Bonus Lecture Discounts on my other Writing Courses 00:01:00

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