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This professional development learning bundle covers many areas of healthcare technology and security including an understanding of HIT, patient privacy regulations, encryption techniques, ransomware prevention, payment security and cyber-security specific to healthcare and medical environments for technology professionals to understand the healthcare vertical in-depth.

Courses Included in the Bundle:

1) Certified Healthcare Technology Proficiency (CHTP)

  • Overview of Current Healthcare Technology
  • New Developments in Health IT
  • Focus on Protecting Patient Data
  • Identifying Best IT Infrastructure
  • EHR Implementation Methodology
  • Encryption for Healthcare Environments
  • EHR, Incentives, and HIT Organizational Acronyms
  • Best Practices in Health IT

2) HIPAA for Compliance Officers and Managers (CHSP)

  • An Overview of HIPAA
  • Understanding the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Business Associate Regulations
  • The HITECH Act and Omnibus Final Rule
  • HIPAA Data Breaches and Penalties
  • Preparing for a HIPAA Audit or Data Breach Investigation
  • HIPAA Policies, Procedures, Awareness, and Training
  • Compliance with Multiple Regulations
  • Applied HIPAA Security for Healthcare Professionals

3) Certificate of Encryption Awareness Proficienct (CEAP)

  • Federal regulations on encryption
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transmission
  • Strategies for full-disk encryption
  • BYOD policies and options
  • The trouble with Business Associates
  • The advantages of the cloud
  • Implementing a patient portal and EHR messaging
  • Email Encryption and OpenPGP
  • Solutions for chat and text security

4) Certificate of Ransomware Prevention Proficiency (CRPP)

  • Understanding Ransomware
  • Types of Ransomware
  • Potential Damages from Ransomware Attacks
  • Strategies for Protection and Prevention
  • Action Planning for Ransomware Invasion
  • Ransomware Investigation Components
  • Disaster Recovery and Action Plan Development

5) Certified PCI-DSS (Payment Security) for Compliance Officers (CPCIP)

  • An Introduction to PCI-DSS Standards
  • Understanding PCI-DSS Compliance Levels
  • The Structure of PCI-DSS
  • Creating a Secure Network for Data Protection
  • Strategies for Protecting Cardholder Data
  • Maintaining a Vulnerability Management Program
  • Implement Strong Access Control Measures
  • Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
  • Maintain an Information Security Policy
  • PCI DSS Compliance Prioritized Approach
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Sites and End-Users

6) Certified Healthcare Cybersecurity Professional (CHCSP)

  • Protecting information assets
  • Requirements of risk management
  • Understanding compliance initiatives
  • Implementing Cybersecurity frameworks
  • Connecting Cybersecurity and HIPAA, NIST, CSF
  • Identifying CyberSecurity stakeholders
  • Managing risk identification and oversight
  • Reviewing the CyberSecurity framework
  • Understanding risk analysis and program assessments
  • Executing staff training and cybersecurity programs

7) Certified Healthcare Leadership Proficiency (CHLP)

  • Elements of proactive listening for managers
  • Goals of shared organizational design
  • Ideas inherent in engaged employee productivity
  • Components of communal optimism
  • Leadership action plan based on the participative model

In addition to accreditations offered by iStudy, this bundle carries US ACCME and ANCC accreditation for Physicians/PAs and Nurses at all levels which may be requested at successful completion of this course by completing and submitting the accompanying CREDIT survey link in the final module.

Course Curriculum

The Importance of Healthcare Technology FREE 00:01:00
Developments in Health IT FREE 00:06:00
Health IT and Compliance 00:08:00
Identifying Best IT Infrastructure 00:15:00
EHR Implementation Methodology 00:06:00
EHR, Incentives, and HIT Acronyms 00:05:00
HIPAA and Digital Security Acronyms 00:03:00
Organizational Acronyms 00:10:00
Understanding Healthcare Structures 00:03:00
CHTP Final Exam 00:40:00
The Importance of HIPAA Security Professional FREE 00:01:00
An Overview of HIPAA FREE 00:22:00
Understanding the HIPAA Privacy Rule 00:17:00
Understanding the HIPAA Security Rule 00:38:00
Business Associate Regulations 00:15:00
The HITECH Act and Omnibus Final Rule 00:11:00
HIPAA Data Breaches and Penalties 00:21:00
Preparing for a HIPAA Audit or Data Breach Investigation 00:26:00
HIPAA Policies Procedures Awareness and Training 00:21:00
Compliance with Multiple Regulations 00:18:00
Applied Security For HIPAA 00:24:00
CHSP Final Exam 01:00:00
The Importance of Encryption Awareness 00:01:00
Encryption Basics 00:06:00
Encryption and the Law 00:06:00
Data at Rest and Cloud Services 00:04:00
Strategies for Data at Rest 00:10:00
Strategies for Data in Transmission 00:08:00
CEAP Final Exam 00:25:00
The Importance of Ransomware Prevention 00:01:00
Understanding Ransomware 00:04:00
Ransomware Protection and Prevention 00:03:00
How to Address a Ransomware Attack 00:04:00
CRPP Final Exam 00:15:00
The Importance of PCI-DSS Security Compliance 00:01:00
An Introduction to PCI DSS 00:18:00
PCI DSS Compliance Levels 00:16:00
The Structure of PCI DSS 00:13:00
Build and Maintain a Secure Network 00:20:00
Protect Cardholder Data 00:19:00
Maintain A Vulnerability Management Program 00:20:00
Implement Strong Access Control Measures 00:32:00
Regularly Monitor and Test Networks 00:25:00
The Importance of Compliance Versus Security 00:01:00
Compliance Versus Security 00:14:00
Cybersecurity Program Elements 00:16:00
Frameworks Used for Security 00:19:00
What Is Risk Management 00:18:00
Stakeholders 00:17:00
Cybersecuity Implementation 00:21:00
Functions in the NIST CSF 00:23:00
Training Programs 00:23:00
Being the Cybersecurity Officer 00:10:00
CHCSP Final Exam 00:50:00
The Importance of Leadership in Healthcare Management 00:01:00
Fundementals of Participative Leadership 00:23:00
Leadership Action Plan 00:13:00
CHLP Final Exam 00:10:00


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