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    Course Overview

    Learn how you can generate more leads and boost sales with creative advertising!

    These days if you want to sell a product you have to be creative. Consumers are getting smarter and smarter and they’re not easily impressed. Old marketing strategies do not work anymore.

    This Extended Diploma in Creative Advertising will help you level up your advertising game. It’ll teach you the secrets of creating ads that’ll sell your products and how you can become an amazing advertiser.

    In the course, you’ll learn what advertising is, what you should emphasize on in your ads, what headlines you should use and how you can trigger an emotional response in your customers with your ads that’ll compel them to buy your products. You’ll also learn how you can advertise the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product and use it to achieve your advertising goals.

    Remember, advertising is how you attract your customers. So, you better make sure you nail your advertising. Enrol today!

    What You Will Learn

    This is one of the course on creative advertising you’ll find and it’ll teach you everything that you need to know about this amazing topic. You’ll learn:

    • What is Advertising?
    • How to trigger an emotional response in your customers
    • How to advertise The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product
    • How your writing should be
    • What to emphasize on in your ads
    • How to create ads that your customers will believe
    • What headline you should use
    • The Structure of AIDA and many more

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    After completing the course you’ll receive a free printable CPD accredited PDF certificate. Hard Copy certificate is also available, and you can get one for just £9!


    This course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It is a recognised independent accreditation service.

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